Nissan Arena kicks the can as part of commitment to sustainable future

Nissan Arena kicks the can as part of commitment to sustainable future

Nissan Arena’s reputation as the premier indoor sporting facility in the country has received further backing following the release of The Austrans Group’s Environmental Sustainability Report.

The report details the impact of Nissan Arena’s participation in the Container Collection Service during Q3 of 2019/20, including metrics for carbon, energy, and water savings.

From January to March, a time period that included the venue’s first birthday, Nissan Arena recycled 18,955 containers, resulting in the diversion of up to 1,296kg of waste from landfill.

Nissan Arena’s recycling efforts also helped save up to:

  • 2,368kg of CO2 emissions;
  • 36,279 MJ of energy and;
  • 14,48 litres of water

General Manager of Nissan Arena, Ben Mannion, said it was the venue’s responsibility to create a sustainable environment not just for its patrons but also the broader community.

“We are proud to participate in initiatives like the Container Collection Service to ensure Nissan Arena plays its role in creating a sustainable future,” Mannion said.

“As the leading indoor sports facility in the country we have a responsibility to provide a world class service both on and off the court, and our commitment to the environment forms a critical part of that service.”

Nissan Arena is currently closed to the public due to COVID-19, but upon re-opening visitors are encouraged to continue playing their part by disposing bottles and cans in the special collection bins rather than general waste.

Nissan Arena celebrated its birthday in February, having welcomed more than 240,000 patrons through the door in the first 12 months of operation.

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