Prohibited Items

Know what you can and can’t bring into the Arena.


Click here for the complete list of permitted, restricted and prohibited items.

  • Nissan Arena is a non-smoking venue
  • On-the-spot fines may apply to any patrons caught smoking in the venue
  • Passouts are available at the main entry doors – A, B and C


PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES 1.25L or less of water (sealed or unsealed).  Plastic water bottles such as bike drink bottles or bottles filled with cordial.  Patrons may be asked to open bottles to ensure they do not contain alcohol.
SPECIAL DIETARY REQUIREMENTS Patrons with special dietary requirements are permitted to bring food into the venue.  Excluded are items which are contained in packaging which may present a safety issue such as glass. (Diabetics may be asked to show medical advise of their condition).
CAMERAS Non-commercial cameras are permitted.  Commercial cameras permitted only with the approval of the hirer.  PLEASE NOTE THAT SMALL, HANDHELD VIDEO CAMERAS ARE PERMITTED.  ACCESSORIES SUCH AS TRIPODS ARE NOT PERMITTED.
FOOD Homemade items such as sandwiches, biscuits, cake, cordial etc.  Small packets of chips (multipack size only), lollies, chocolate, poppers and flavoured milks (600mL or smaller) will be permitted.
THERMOS Thermos are permitted.  Contents may be checked for alcohol
UMBRELLAS Umbrellas are allowed into the venue but may not be opened inside the seating bowl and concourse e venue


ALCOHOL Alcoholic beverages may not be brought into the venue. (Alcohol will not be cloaked under any circumstances).
BANNERS Banners and Flags larger than 1.2m x 1.2m are not permitted unless arranged prior to arrival. Large poles on banners or flags must be removed and cloaked. See Permitted Items for maximum pole width. (Poles will be assessed on a case-by-case basis).
COMMERCIAL FOOD McDonald’s, Red Rooster, Subway for example.  Items purchased at other commercial outlets (including snack bars, corner stores, supermarkets, juice bars) are also not permitted with the exception of items on the permitted items list.  Packets of chips (except for the multi-pack sized), soft drinks and sports drinks are not permitted.
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Certain large musical instruments are not permitted.  Check with supervisor on exceptions (whistles, duck whistles and drums are not permitted). Pre-approval from the venue is required if musical instruments will be allowed.
FIREWORKS/FLARES Fireworks and flares are not permitted into the venue
LARGE ITEMS Items which cannot fit under the seats must be cloaked (e.g. large eskies, prams, oversized bags, pushers)
BALLOONS Helium balloons are not permitted into the venue.
ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES No illegal substances are permitted into the venue.  These items will be referred to the Police.
LASER POINTERS No laser pointers permitted into the venue
STICKERS No stickers are permitted into the venue
LOUD HAILERS No loud hailers permitted into the venue unless pre-approved by the stadium.
BALLS No inflated balls are permitted into the venue. Deflated balls are acceptable.
OFFENSIVE ATTIRE Patrons wearing offensive clothing will not be permitted entry
SUITCASES The venue will not cloak suitcases unless the contents have been checked.
WEAPONS No weapons are permitted into the venue
OTHERS Other items which may be deemed as dangerous or offensive will not be permitted into the arena.