RUBY Series – Round 6 Sunday 28 July

Hart Sapphire Series

RUBY Series – Round 6 Sunday 28 July

The inaugural HART Sapphire Series season, contested by 7 teams, elevates Queensland’s incredible netball talent to become the stars of tomorrow.

The league was named after the official gemstone of Queensland and, as the sapphire is also the second hardest gem behind the diamond, is an apt metaphor for the quality and toughness of the competition.

The vision of the HART Sapphire Series is to be a semi-professional league that champions local heroes by raising the next wave of netballing talent to a bigger and brighter stage, inspiring future generations of players, coaches and umpires to step up to the national level.

There is no Round 6 match in the HART Sapphire Series but you can catch the Ruby Series game on Sunday 28 July at QSNC features:

BullSharks vs Panthers at 3.10pm

Tickets here 

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