Firebirds Game 6

Queensland Firebirds at Nissan Arena

Firebirds Game 6

No matter what happens in 2022, the Queensland Firebirds will #SHOWUPASONE

In a world full of uncertainty and one changed forever by COVID, the one guarantee is the Firebirds are up for the challenge.

On their quest for success, as they attempt to make history and claim the club’s fourth championship trophy, coach Megan Anderson and the team know it won’t be easy.

They are under no illusion that there will be adversity, misfortune, setbacks and heartbreak.

But they also know that every time they #Showupasone, they can feel they are doing so with a united heartbeat as one unbreakable Purple Family.

The Birdies now need their members, partners and fans worldwide to #ShowUp with them no matter what in 2022, because this is the year of the Firebird!

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